giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Thanksgiving sale 50%off

"Get the perfect stocking stuffer with one of my custom Modify Watches, on sale right now for 50% off! Order using code MODSGIVING before November 30 for this sweet deal. And tell your friends!!!"

sabato 10 ottobre 2015

domenica 4 ottobre 2015

Check out my Etsy Shop , choose the photo you like and you'll get a beautiful oil painted portrait made and signed by me !…

martedì 29 settembre 2015

Welcome to the opening reception of our highly anticipated Grimm Show! Doors open to the public at at

lunedì 31 agosto 2015

mercoledì 26 agosto 2015

"The Grimm Show"

  From 01 Oct to 31 Oct 2015 The Dream Factory will host the Group Exhibition "The Grimm Show",
a great artshow dedicated to the work of the Grimm Brothers . Each artist has been working on a tale, this is my contribution "The Sleeping Beauty" or, in German "Dornröschen"

sabato 22 agosto 2015

"Modify Watches is celebrating its 5th-year anniversary with a 50% off sale for 3 days,this weekend from Saturday to Monday, August 22-24 ! Use the code below with my collection at!
50% Off Code: 5GreatYears" Italia Ruotolo Art for Modify Watches

mercoledì 22 luglio 2015

"Phantastische Venus "

"Phantastische Venus "
“Phantastische Venus ” is the title of the show managed by the artist friend Reinhard Shmidt .
I’m honored to be among such wornderful artist I really admire . Opening on 24th of July in Viechtach .
Julia Hanzl
Lucy Hardie
Stephanie Henderson
Martina Hoffmann
Alessia Iannetti
Alexandra Jontschewa
Regine Kafeder
Aunia Kahn
Katharina Sofie
Ariane Krischke
Larisa Kulik
Zoe Lacchei
Irina Lesik
Laurie Lipton
Chiara Luise
Regina Lukk-Toompere
Cynthia Lund Torroll
Alexandra Manukyan
Brigid Marlin
Tanya Miller
Christine Morren
Heather Nevay
Jo Niklaus
Zorica Nikolic Aigner
Mareile Onodera
Patricia Ariel
Graszka Paulska
Corine Perier
Snezana Petrovic
Marnie Pitts
Elvira Rajek
Italia Ruotolo
Rita Stern
Edit Szhigeti
Timea Tallian
Sonja Tines
Deborah Valentine
Inge Vandormael
Gisela Verdessi
Bella Volen
Cathy Ward
Liba Waring Stambollion
Heather Watts
Catrin Welz-Stein
Jasmine Worth
Hannah Faith Yata
Genevive Zacconi
Oxana Zuboff

lunedì 13 luglio 2015

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domenica 12 luglio 2015

20% off on my watches

"My new watch collection with @ModifyWatches has just been released! Find them at . 20% off code:VIVAITALIA"

venerdì 10 luglio 2015

Customizable watches by Italia Ruotolo Art

Another art collaboration has just started ! Modify Watches are super-dope, interchangeable watches. You can mix-and-match faces and straps to create your own Mod! So Ladies and Gentlemen here my watch collection "">

venerdì 19 giugno 2015

martedì 5 maggio 2015

Our fourth show, entitled “MAKING OUT, The Exquisite Diversity of Desire” was organised in support of #YesEquality.

The exhibition will feature original paintings and mixed media work, photography, and sculpture. A selection of artwork will also be available as limited edition reproductions.

The theme of the show is the diversity of desire and of gender identities. We believe that all types of desire and gender identity should be cherished and respected equally.

The artists were inspired by this theme to present works that cherish all forms of love and gender identity. Love between women, between men, between men and women; love between two people, five people, or many more; gender identity that spans the male and female stereotypes – all to produce wonderful and surprising combinations.

Participating artists (in strict alphabetical order):

• Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule (Australia)
• Dolorosa De La Cruz (Ireland)
• Louise Dumont (France)
• Stu Edwards Art (Canada)
• Jim Fitzpatrick Gallery (Ireland)
• Alessandro Gaggio (Italy)
* Hector Heathwood (Ireland)
• Cyril Helnwein (Ireland)
• Christian Hofer (Ireland)
• Elodie Huré (France)
• Myfanwynia's Studio (Ireland)
• Ulli Richter (Germany)
• Darran Robinson (Ireland)
• Ar Roy (France)
• Italia Ruotolo Art (Italy)
• John Santerineross (USA)
• Katarzyna Sliwa - Inky Visions (Ireland)
• Alexandra Unger (UK)

We look forward to seeing you there!